Ott Tänak - The Movie DVD Fan Pack

- DVD 1: the movie
- DVD 2: 3h of extra materials
- The book about making the movie and the cast
- Region Free / PAL

The movie has subtititles in 11 and dubbing in 6 languages!

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In 2019, Ott Tänak fulfilled his life dream, winning the World Rally Championship title.

The film follows the progression of the Estonian rally driver Ott Tänak, renown for being one of the most elusive yet determined athletes on the WRC. Viewers have rare access to Ott’s life in the course of the season of 2018, following his pursuit for the World Rally Championship title, gaining insight into him becoming accustomed to a new car on a new team.

Delve into the daily adventures of a top rally driver, racing at deadly speeds all over the globe, and demonstrating the nail-biting and the glamorous life of the rally world. The ups and downs of the season, going from one rally to the next, a touching story unravels of how a stubborn boy from a small island in Northeastern Europe made his way up to the rally elite and the hard work and determination that it entailed, impelled by his strong-willed tenacity.

In addition to the contribution from Ott himself, people who have been close to him at different times in his life, open up about his adventurous life and tumultuous career.

Over a year, the film crew gathered more than 150 hours of footage. The bonus disc includes a selection of interviews, deleted scenes, video clips assembled from the footage shot at rallies, and a short film about becoming World Champion at the Rally de Catalunya. There is also a photo book about the making of the film and its premiere, along with introductions to the people in the film.

Length: 2h 18min
Subtitles: English, Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, French, Polish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Russian.
Dubbing: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Russian.
Audio: original version 5.1; dubbed versions in stereo.

The short film "The World Rally Champions Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja"; Malcolm Wilson at M-Sport's premises: The World Premiere 11.04.2019; The wives Janika Tänak and Maarja Järveoja etc.
Rituals before a start; Ott's friend Esapekka Lappi; Prep work at home; Massage; Tyres and wheels; Fire in Portugal etc.
Ott Tänak, Malcolm Wilson, Markko Märtin, Richard Millener, Becs Williams and many others

Length: 3h
Subtitles: English and Estonian
Sterotek Film 2019