Where Souls Go DVD - 11.90€

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Ann is a fifteen-year-old girl facing big changes in her life - she has a stepfather and soon her stepbrother will be born. However, Ann's mother is nervous and jealous, even towards her daughter. Ann won't get the reasons for endless arguments and worrying. When she vistits the satanists's website, she talks to someone named Seth about fulfilling wishes with the help of a very special prayer. Ann says the spontaneous prayer concerning her unborn stepbrother. When doctors discover a heart defect in the newborn, Ann is overwhelmed with fear and wants to take the prayer back so she will go for help to her mysterious new friend Maya.

Director: Rainer Sarnet
Writers: Aidi Vallik, Peeter Sauter, Rainer Sarnet
Camera Operator: Mait Mäekivi
Artist: Liina Keevallik
Producer: Anneli Ahven

Technical Specs:
35 mm/87 min/Dolby Digital/16:9/Exitfilm 2007